But Love Alone, can’t Survive.

But love alone, can’t survive.

It’s been six months since she left. Six months since she decided to step out the life behind bars. Some may say it was an easy decision, but no one knew the amount of courage she needed to take to finally move her feet and take a step away.

They say love conquers all, it survives the test of time, the challenge of a temporary situation and all of the uncertainty this world can give you. She always saw love this way, she always believed that she, they can survive anything if they truly love each other and if they truly know how to love. It’s really crazy how people love so much but when asked to define love, no one can’t have the exact words to say it. She doesn’t know if it’s a crazy emotion or it drives people’s emotion crazy, but whatever you call it, no one can really define it. The search for the exact definition of love is unending.

So why can’t love alone survive?

Have you ever felt loved, so much love that it’s suffocating? A love that knows no freedom, fear, sadness, and agony. A love which only sees love alone and happy with it. A love that only sees two persons when in fact there are billions of people out there.

Some would love to be loved like this, rather than feel a love that lets you see the world as an ocean of possibilities. A world which can offer you happiness by sharing a can of beer with your best of friends, talking about the years passed with your former high school friends, discussion with your colleagues on how you can achieve success and the list goes on but knowing the limit that your so-called other half is there to listen to you and be happy that you both see it this way. The world has endless possibilities and you, yourself is the only limit.

Her story was not the overused ‘you and me against the world,’ it was more like ‘me and the world against you.’ This is what she saw and no matter how much she tried to look away he kept on slapping it to her face. She loved him or she still loves him but she can’t force herself to look at him and live with the numerous ‘what ifs.’

Maybe she’d be asking why didn’t she opened this issue to him, but there were hundreds of times she told him about it. There were times she’d cry because he won’t listen and he can’t even wipe her tears away, the most striking words he said was ‘you can’t be happy with anyone else except me.’ You might say she’s so beautiful to be treated like this, but No. It was a love full of selfishness and greed.

She might be bitter to describe the kind of love they had, but among the memories left only sadness and agony prevailed. Maybe it’s normal for people who are in the ‘moving on the process’ or ‘acceptance’ stage. Yes, there were happy times, heart melting moments and events full of laughter but if you weigh the two, the first had a greater amount.

Love can’t stand alone. 

It needs a huge amount of trust, a high volume of patience and an unbreakable support system. People shouldn’t see only two persons living in a world. They should see a world with billions of people but they chose each other to see the world together, grow in each others’ arms and support them while they step into a greater world and fight one’s own battle and know when to fight together. It sounds like an ideal kind of love, which can never be achieved by anyone, but it can guide everyone in making love strong or stronger. And it will only be possible if two persons both understand these values that surround love.

She may have loved him still and though she was the one who bid goodbye, he said he’d die for her but now, he’s happy with someone else while she, she sees the world and one day she’d love again and promises herself to give her heart again to the man who sees the world with her.

(This was written after drinking a bottle of Soju)



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